Flight Training


Good airmanship revolves around one basic principle, good decision making! We offer exceptional training, high-spec aircraft and sensible pricing so our students can be confident that by choosing us they have made their first good decision and taken the first step towards being great pilots.

Our aim is to make learning to fly the experience of a lifetime, paving the way for many years of fun and adventure. Therefore, as part of your training, you will visit exciting, busy airfields with lots to see. When landing away you can treat yourself to a well deserved cuppa or maybe even a hearty breakfast or lunch and give all the newly gained information time to soak before heading off on the next session. It is without doubt that gaining your licence will be a huge achievement and yet by setting a sensible pace together we can make light work of learning.


We have a number of options when it comes to training aircraft although by far the most popular is the German-made Flight Design CT with its staggering top speed, spacious cockpit and panoramic in-flight visibility. Confidence inspiring, the CT blends performance with safety making it an ideal training platform. The CT is under 450kg, therefore is within the microlight class enjoying all the benefits of affordable flying with minimum fuss and cost.


With V1 you will receive expert one-to-one tuition with your very own instructor who will safely guide you though the challenges ahead. Your exams are undertaken in comfortable and familiar surroundings and we are proud to boast a 100% pass rate. If required, we can offer tailored, informative and practical ground schooling packages to include all examinations.

Our courses are approved and recognised by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) as well as the British Microlight Aircraft Association (BMAA). On completion you will be awarded a National Private Pilots Licence (NPPL) with a microlight class rating (M).

To become licensed you will need a minimum of:

  • 25 flying hours with a requirement for duel and solo flying as well as navigation training.
  • pass 5 ground exams (Navigation, Air Law, Human Performance and limitation, Aircraft general, meteorology)


Quite simply flight training is charged by the hour; your hour starts when the engine starts and includes a short brief and debrief before and after flights. To avoid wasting time waiting for other aircraft to land and depart we operate from peaceful grass airstrips offering much greater value for money with more time spent doing what we love the most.. flying! We feel its vital that by the time finish your training you will have all the skills required to fly from pretty much any airfield in the uk regardless whether it’s an international airport or farmers field.

When it comes to some of the more complex tasks like navigation a long brief will be needed. This can either be paid for by the hour or included within our pass plus ground school package. In addition to the long brief the pass plus also offers all guarantee pass on all ground based exams with free retakes if required, pre-flight test brief with mock ground oral. Alternatively you may choose to self study and pay for each exams although our pass plus offers excellent value for money and will offer far more than can be gleaned from text books.

To complete your training you will need to undertake a total 5 written exams.

Student starter pack

  • Flight training: £135 per hour
  • Ground Schooling: £40 per hour
  • Ground school Package to include all ground schooling, long briefs, written exams and assistance with licence application: £695

After completing your licence our aircraft are available to club members inclusive of fuel, insurance, maintenance, headsets and all equipment’s including charts etc.

For current “M” rated licence holders:

  • Aircraft hire: £95ph
  • Club membership: £300 per year
  • Bi-annual Revalidation on own aircraft £90
  • Re-validations on school aircraft £135


A cost effective and enjoyable option would be a completely immersive residential training packages tailor made to suite your previous experience and time constraints.

So how about Zero To Hero in just 25 hours? for just £4000 we could offer 25 hours of flight training and include all ground schooling, exams and accommodation. Although realistically further training may be required in theory this would meet the minimum experience required for the grant of your licence!


Whatever your aspirations, we can help and offer assistance with touring, tailwheel conversions, type conversions